Aerolab @ Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Industrial Collaboration and Services

    * Aircraft Design
    * Aerospace System and Flight Simulation
    * Vehicle Aerodynamics
    * Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics
    * Testing and Training

Research Focus Area

    * Applied Aerodynamics
    * Aircraft Propulsion
    * Aircraft Design and Structure
    * Avionics and Flight Dynamics

UTM-LST Testing Capabilities

Aircraft Aerodynamics, Stability and Control

    * 3-D model aircraft and rotorcraft testing
    * Half-model testing
    * Aerofoil testing

Vehicle Aerodynamics

    * 3-D model testing
    * Model component testing
    * Internal flow

Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics

    * Flow around building and wind loads
    * Wind power
    * Aeroelastic testing